More Up-Up Girls lyrics, and requests open!

Hi everyone, I just added some more Up-Up Girls lyrics. This time it’s for Ginga Joujou Monogatari (romanization and color code) and Burn the fire!! (romanization). I have more lyrics I want to add, but just doing this update was a bit of a hassle, since WordPress apparently doesn’t like me today. (Technical issues and whatnot…)

Anyway, I wanted to say you can now request lyrics. Currently I’ll take requests for Up-Up Girls, Fudanjuku, Nakano Fujo Sisters, StylipS, and Sakura Gakuin songs. I can’t promise I’ll be able to fulfill all requests (such as if you request a color code that’s very complicated) but I can try my best. Please send me an e-mail if you have a song you want to request lyrics for.

If you want to request lyrics for any other group, I can’t stop you from asking, but I will say it’ll be harder. Mostly because I try to, whenever possible, romanize the lyrics directly from the booklet. And if I don’t have the CD, it’s harder to find readable scans, and often, other websites’ transcriptions are not accurate, even on Japanese lyric sites. But I can attempt any song if you really want. Note that I will only accept Japanese idol songs, and they must not be part of Hello! Project or AKB48 (or a sister group or sub unit). Those groups are not covered on this site. (Non-H!P Up-Front idols like UUG are of course okay.) Again, send me an e-mail if you are interested in making a request.

Also, a quick update on why some sections still are quite barren… Well, initially, another staff member was working on those sections, but due to various reasons, there have been many holdups. Eventually, I hope things will be sorted out so we can continue on those sections. For now, I’ll work on fleshing out the lyrics sections, and making some needed updates on discography pages and profiles. I’ll update this feed again when those things are up. Sorry about all the delays. Right now I am really just one person actively working here, and I do have many other things I run as well, so things take time, hope you understand. Thanks as always for visiting, I really appreciate it.

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Added Yuki no Yoru Lyrics!

A quick update today, I just added the romanized lyrics for Yuki no Yoru by Fudanjuku. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to figure out the color code just yet, but I’ll try to some other time. (I have a lot of things on my to do list, after all.)

Also I fixed up the lyric index page for Fudanjuku just a bit… I’m planning to revamp a couple pages soon but I didn’t have too much time today. Anyway enjoy the lyrics for now.

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See you… Lyrics Added!

Another quick update, I added lyrics for Sakura Gakuin’s “See you…” from their second album. I know it’s one of the (relatively) older songs but I figured I should add something. I just happened to pick this one this time. Yeah I don’t really have a set order to go in with the songs I add, it’s just kinda what I feel like. Hope nobody minds too much. I’ll try to add more soon.

Of course I’m still working on more different kinds of content — I have things coming soon I promise. Only so much can be done so fast though, so bear with me!!

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Fudanjuku Lyrics Update!

Hey guys, I made an update today with two songs’ lyrics. First is Shita o Muite Kaerou, which includes the color coded lyrics. The second song is Jaa ne, which is from the same single, but I haven’t gotten a chance to color code it just yet, so just the plain romanized lyrics are there.

Actually, I had Shita o Muite Kaerou color coded and romanized since the PV went up on YouTube but I held off on uploading it to here since I wanted to make sure I didn’t have any errors in the lyrics. Since I got my copy of the CD, I was able to check the lyrics and make sure everything was right. (I always proofread everything multiple times but in case you spot typos or other errors, you can send me an email and let me know!)

That’s all for now. I do have more things in the works, as I had the lyrics for Shita o Muite Kaerou in the works before. I just have to fine tune some more stuff before uploading it, I hope you understand.

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Sakura Gakuin update for 2013!

Hey guys. Sorry it’s been slow. I just added some information to the Sakura Gakuin member pages, and added pages for the two new members, Shirai Saki and Yamaide Aiko. The discography page is updated as well. There’s still some information I need to add, but… Okay, right now my wrist hurts so I’m gonna wait until later to update. Sorry about making you wait, and for such a reason too… I will finish adding new information soon though, don’t worry.

Well I will say that I am working on content for the smaller less fleshed out sections of the site as well. At the moment, it’s just one person working on the site… And I have many things to do in my life aside from just keeping this up to date. Even though the updates are slow (and I’m sorry about that) I promise there is still more content coming.

Also, if you are interested in contributing to the site, please drop me (Xin) an email. My contact info is on the Staff page at the top.

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My Graduation Toss lyrics!

Yeah… I know the updates have been slow… Still sick, but I was able to get Sakura Gakuin’s new single’s lyrics up today. Hope that somewhat makes up for it. No color code just yet since I’m having trouble figuring out who sings on some lines…

Anyway I’m going to try and work on more lyrics since that’s the easiest thing for me to do. I appreciate everyone’s patience with me. It’s tough to concentrate on updates when I don’t feel so well but I really appreciate all the people who visit this site, so thank you.

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Rusty Sword lyrics!

I have added the lyrics for Rusty Sword by Fudanjuku to the site. There is no color code available yet, but I will try to upload it soon. I also have more Fudanjuku and also Up-Up Girls lyrics almost ready. I am working on things for the other groups too, there’s a good amount of stuff but it’s all half done, so I’m still working. For now, enjoy the lyrics I just posted!

Sorry for the lack up updates lately, I’ve actually been sick in the past month, so it’s been tough. I’ll try my best to add new content. I’m also looking for a few more staff members to help out. If you’re interested, feel free to send me an email.

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